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Hanne Lynge
Hanne Lynge

My background

I was a late starter, being 22 years old when I started singing.

Now I am 50+. From the late start it took of very fast. As early as three years after I started singing, I had my first solo concerts. Because of being an adult, when I started, I can easily remember what getting knowledge meant for my singing. From the start I remember the feeling and aha experience when I first became aware what it meant to sing in pitch. I remember what it was like – not to know. It was like trying to find way in a dark room. Luckily it was easy for me to transform the new knowledge to practice. I had a serious problem though; my voice became hoarse very quickly. Different teachers did not mention the issue – but then I met Kathrine Sadolin. I was her student for quite a while and I went to other amazing teachers too. I wrote a lot of songs and recorded a CD and was very busy being a singer-songwriter. I have always been seeking new knowledge. I wanted to know how things work and what they are made of and this is not only for singing and music, it is for all aspects of life. I like to communicate my knowledge and experiences to other people. I like to pass on the joy of singing, so it was a natural thing for me to start teaching. It is now more than 25 years since I started teaching. My pedagogical approach is that I believe knowledge is the base for remembrance. If you do not know why you are doing something, it is easier to forget. If you do what your teacher tells you to do, it will have a good effect on you. Throughout my career I have been teaching on all levels and I still find it amazing to teach students from the beginners level, to the top professional. This gives me a wide experience in what problems a student can have – even though all students are unique. I became more and more aware that the mental condition plays a big role in how your voice sounds. The mental condition has influence on how open and free of tensions you can sing. I found out that working with the deep breathing techniques could open up for mental processes. So 15 years ago, I decided to take a 5-year psychotherapeutic education. Body, soul and voice are connected. On top of that I also have an education as masseuse, hypnotherapist and hypnotist. I work with people who want to be seen and heard, but on the other hand not want to be revealed.

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